Shamas Pervaiz

As parents: we found LRM Day Care a welcoming place for our kids. We are very satisfied with the arrangements offered by Director at the facility. Day Care provides fresh nutritious food in breakfast and lunch and snacks in afternoon.

The Director is generous, cooperative and helpful with parents, children and staff. Director usually planned for refreshers courses, workshops and seminars for staff members. These training’s are no doubt essential for growing needs of kids, and I have noticed a clear image of these new strategies being practiced at day care in my Son: as his intellectual, organizational, and emotional skills are improved a lot



My son have been in this daycare for 5 years already. They have amazing staff and the owner Razia will give you support in any way she can. The facility is very clean very attentive daycare teacher and very secure. Im very satisfied with the service.


Kenward Wong

I find the owner of the day care, Razia, really cares for the children, and she tries her best to accommodate the individual needs of the parents. It’s not easy being a day care owner, but her efforts to be empathetic and caring earn my respects for her and the day care.


Rufaro M

My love and appreciation for the this daycare, its staff and owner runs quite deep. I first met Razia the owner when my first daughter was 18months. We put my daughter in another daycare before that but within a week, we pulled her out and then I came across Learned Robin Montessori. Fast forward to 3 1/2 years later and still counting; both of my girls go to LRM and we have never had an issue with the way the daycare is run. The staff is really compassionate and patient towards the kids, Razia has a natural nurturing and motherly personality. She knows details about each child and she treats everyone like one big happy family.
Recently I took my youngest daughter who just turned 3 for a preschool program screening and she didn’t qualify because she was well above the developmental scale. This just assured me that LRM not only does an amazing job with caring for my children, but they also do a thorough job with teaching my kids. My eldest will be starting kinder in the fall but we plan to keep her there for after school care as well.

Bring your kids here!! You will not be disappointed at all.


Faheem Khan

We have been sending our kid at Razia’s daycare center since 2013. We found it a wonderful place. Never had any issues regarding any mismanagement. Razia and her staff has been quite compliant to the bylaws of the Alberta’s child license and regulations. Razia was running this day care in a house just a block away but as soon as she found that the house was getting old, she rented a much larger space with a dedicated backyard for the kids. So that helps kids alot in get some fresh air even in winter. Overall we had a good experience here otherwise there are three other child care centers just a few blocks away. We could have moved our kid there but we are quite satisfied here.


Fardowsa Abdi Weli

Where should I even begin? Raiza the owner is such a wonderful and kind woman. I cannot count the many times this woman helped me and my son out. I had enrolled my son into raiza’s daycare after my son got kicked out of another daycare due to “behavior and speech problems” he was only a year old and it was his first time in a daycare and they also had an app where I can monitor my son, the way they treated him gutted me. Since then I was afraid to ever let my son out of my sight. I took a faith of leap when I enrolled my son into raiza’s daycare and within months I began to see improvement in my son’s behavior and speech. She helped me get in contact with the early childhood development education and has even went out of her way to let my son continues his education when I had financial issues. He has been in her daycare for 3 years now and not once did i ever regret enrolling my son into her daycare She is hands on and immediately returns your calls right away. She truly is a blessing to me and my son. My sister recently also enrolled her daughter and let’s just say my sister and I have never been happier with raiza and her wonderful staff.


Paige Desjarlais

Very kind ladies. My daughter went there and was sad to move her daycares when we moved.

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